Sunday, July 20, 2014


Welp, we just had our first and I'm sure not last incident with a foreign object up the nose... a nice large raisin. I never really monitored her w/ her food before but looks like I'm going to have to start.
She shoved it WAY up there too, probably trying to dig it out. Thankfully w/ great care we were able to get it out w/ tweezers.
Crazy girl.

Even though her grumpy rebellious moments are becoming more frequent, her laughter and silliness are really starting to bloom too. She's so cute and so loving when she's in the mood for it lol.
And the girl absolutely LOVES to sing. Still can't understand her all that well, but every once in a while she'll sing out "Let it go!" or "Mommy! Daddy!" lol, it's really cute.

Love her little butt so much.

Felt ok today. Got in a 30min nap which was very much needed.
DH had to lie to his mom about what my appointment was for lol.
His words...
"Makin me lie to my mom..... IN CHURCH!" lol He was just pickin but I know he doesn't like lying to her.
I told him he didn't have to but I think he's a lot more cautious than I am about all of this. Can't say I blame him. I think maybe we could tell everyone on Zoe's birthday though. Least I really hope so. Not sure when my next appointment will be after my first.

Speaking of my appointment... I had myself convinced that it was on Monday, but nope, it's on Tuesday. Glad DH brought that up b/c next Monday would've rolled around and I would've been wondering why DH had gone to work and left me to go to my appointment w/ Zoe by myself :P lol

So excited for it though. Just a little over a week to see if everything is there and where it should be. Really hope so.

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