Thursday, July 24, 2014


Holy moly my nephew is a chunk monster!!
I don't think he weighs more than Zoe, but it's pretty close. I'm pulling something in my uterus every time I pick him up. Need to be careful about that. I pick Zoe up all the time so I wasn't expecting to have any problems.

Thankfully he didn't seem to mind going to sleep somewhere different. Rolled the pack n play in to our room w/ him in it lol.
Didn't get to change him though before he fell asleep. Wasn't expecting it and don't want to wake him.

Anyway, it's going to be a long weekend but thankfully this is going to be a distraction so I won't focus on my upcoming appointment ALL the time.

I'm so nervous about it though. Another woman from march DD group found out that it wasn't a viable pregnancy at her first appointment today :(

And then I keep reading post after post from women who say they m/c at 8, 10, 12 etc weeks. It's awful. There's just no stop to the worry. Not until the baby is in your arms.. and then that just brings up a whole new set of concerns.

Anway, didn't mean to get all debbie downer.

Oh wait.... there's a funeral on Saturday. I'm not going since I have to watch nephew and Zoe. Think the viewing is tomorrow night. Not sure I'll be going to that either.
Lung cancer man.... a death sentence as soon as you're diagnosed with it pretty much. F cancer...

Well anywho... think I'm going to go to bed early early early tonight! I have some long days ahead of me.

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