Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Oh dear gawd! I ate too much!!

So my appetite definitely came back today once I finally thought of something that sounded good.
But good frackin god I just ate way too much and I'm going to puke if it doesn't start moving through my system.
I knew I shouldn't have eaten it all but I just kept shoveling it in until I'm bursting at the seams full.
Holy hell this was a mistake!!! rofl

In more serious news... just saw 2 posts from ladies in my March DD group leave b/c they had miscarriages :(
Feel so bad for them and it scares me to death.
Everything is so uncertain right now and it's maddening that we have to wait so long to be seen by a doctor.
Anyway... I hope those 2 couples get their take home babies soon and that the group doesn't lose anyone else.

THIS makes me feel a lot better....
Just took it b/c those 2 losses freaked me out. But come on.. anyone that reads this blog knew I was going to use it :P lol
I'm still not using the FRER though.

Anywho... was so scared that it was going to go back to 1-2w. Just glad to see things are moving in the right direction.

Now to try to drink some water without exploding.

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