Sunday, July 27, 2014

This weekend has taught me...

... that I have almost no patience for other people's children.

For the most part my nephew has been good, but I can not take his crying at all. I have no sympathy for it, it just annoys me.
I feel awful saying that since he's only 8m old and crying is his only way of getting attention but... it's getting on my last nerve that he doesn't want to take a GD nap when he's tired. Instead he just wants to scream and cry and carry on b/c he's not being held 24/7. Sorry kid, I have to pee too damn much to hold you all the damn time.
So how about shutting up and going to sleep because we all know you're tired.

I have new respect for anyone with a daycare or teachers. Just anyone that deals with other people's children all the time. I would be bald by the first week from ripping all of my hair out from the frustration.

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