Wednesday, July 23, 2014

All but 2

Just threw away all but 2 of the HPTs.
Kept the very first FRER 9dpo, and kept the 20dpo one. The rest are now in the garbage. Need to hide these 2 and any evidence of me being pregnant before brother & sil come over tomorrow to drop of my nephew.

It's going to be an interesting few days. Not sure what we're going to do about water babies. We'd have to take 2 cars. Might just stay home and let DH take Zoe.

Also, one of DH's great aunts just passed away (from lung cancer), so I'm sure her funeral will be this weekend. I probably won't go. Not sure I'd want Zoe there. Wouldn't want her to disturb the service by acting up and I don't know how my nephew will act either so will probably just stay him with them. Sad for the family though. She was such a nice person. Think she was a smoker since her teens so.. not too surprising for the lung cancer diagnosis. Still sucks though.
Anyway, we'll see what happens.


I tried letting Zoe cry this morning and could only manage about 30min. I'm such a wimp. I do think she would've gone back to sleep but... meh. I'll just have to suffer and wake up super early with her until she starts sleeping in later again lol. Hopefully before baby gets here if everything goes well.

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