Monday, July 21, 2014

Heifers, please...

So I've been posting in different places I normally don't b/c I have to spread the crazy around somehow lol.
One place that I post, a woman admitted to being creeped out by the idea of breastfeeding. And if she was a bad mom for not wanting to BF.

MOST of the responses are positive and supportive.
But of course here come the BF-fanatics to make her feel like total shit with back handed comments or hell, right to her face calling her immature and selfish.
Bitches, shut up.

I absolutely LOATHE the "Breast is best" phrase. It might have some benefits over formula, but it's not a fucking magically elixir that cures every damn thing. It's a phrase that just makes some women feel like shit if they don't BF and makes other women think they're superior b/c they do. Not ALL women of course, but you know the type that thinks every thing they do is the BEST and they have to compete with everyone. And BFing certainly isn't something that every woman needs to do or hell, even try if she doesn't want to.
Formula is perfectly fine. You don't see a bunch of grown adults running around super unhealthy ONLY b/c they were formula fed. They're not moping around throwing their fists in to the air and cursing their mothers for not breastfeeding them.
It's frickin ridiculous. The whole Mommy Wars thing needs to just die already... but I know it won't b/c people frickin THRIVE to feel like they're superior over others.

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Shari said...

I have one of those in my DDC from Vivy and she had supply issues. I believe it was her own guilt spilled on to everyone else. My CIL is that way and if she wasn't family there is a good chance I would have slapped her across the face :)