Saturday, July 26, 2014


Ok so if all goes to plan.. we will be telling everyone on the 9th when we're having Zoe's birthday get together.
But instead of putting her in the shirt, we're going to give it as a gift and when she opens it, everyone will see what it says :D

That's if things go well though. Still so much could happen which.... blows.

I think people suspect something though. MiL asked me what my appointment was for. Apparently she didn't know I had hypothyroidism though so it looked like she bought my excuse that I just needed to get it checked :P
At the viewing (which was more just a get together of family since the deceased was cremated)... everyone kept telling us how we needed another. And how we needed to have a boy, or twin boys o_O
Not sure how twins even came up did.

I just want ONE healthy little baby in there. Obviously we'd make it work if there were 2, but man.... I can't imagine how difficult it would be. Hell, I'm having trouble imagining how difficult things will be with 1 more added to the mix lol.

Thankfully Zoe has been pretty good. She has shown some jealousy, but overall she's been a really good older cousin.
She does NOT like it when he cries though and yells at him rofl. She yells at him "What's wrong??!!!" or "Stop crying!!!!" rofl which only makes him cry more.
Man.... my nephew is certainly a crier though. I know I've said it before but you can definitely tell that he gets his way EVERY SINGLE TIME he cries and gets SO upset when I don't immediately respond. Poor lil guy misses his mommy's attention.

Good god he's heavy though. Holy hell. I swear he's gained an extra 10lbs since he's been here LOL. I'm already a giant weakling so add in a 20something pound baby lump.... UUUUGH my poor back!

Anyway... I'm pretty sure SiL and my brother brought over fleas with them. So tired of this shit. We only have to put Advantage on our dogs maybe 2-4x a year and we're totally flea free.
I was getting bitten up last night and got bitten twice today.
Just pisses me off to no end. You want pets? Fine... you better have the money to F-ing take care of them then.

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