Monday, July 21, 2014

Loss of appetite

And of course... queue the worry!!! SIGH! It would be nice if the worry would just stop. It's.... tiring :(
My breasts are still tender if smooshed, I'm peeing like crazy today, tired as usual (did get a nap in though, WOO!)...... but b/c I seem to have lost my appetite w/ no nausea or anything..... it's time to start freaking out! /facepalm

I really thought I wouldn't be this bad w/ a 2nd pregnancy but turns out... NOPE... I'm just as freaked out and scared as I was the first time.

I just want that confidence some women have. I'm pregnant and know I'll be having a baby in 9 months so lets go announce the news to everyone before the test is even dry!

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