Wednesday, July 30, 2014

So tired

No nice long nap today. Had the opportunity for one but had to stay awake b/c I was baking some turkey wings. Damn turkey wings!!!

My right hip is starting to bother me. Can't lay on that side for too long or it starts to ache.
Also had incidents of gagging this morning b/c of smells. My sense of smell isn't stronger, but smelling the banana chips I gave DD had me gagging.

Oh and my next appointment isn't until Sept 9th! *cry* So far away. I shouldn't complain since there are some places that have the FIRST appointment at 12w. At least I got to see our peanut for reassurance.

Wonder if DH will want to do any of the elective ultrasounds. Like the 4D one or the early gender scan. Not sure how much that is though. From what I remember it was kind of expensive. I wouldn't mind the early gender scan (at 16w) :P


Just T said...

We had the elective outside u/s with the girls and it was $125 per baby, but they told us gender of both at 16 weeks.

LisaL said...

Wow, that's pretty expensive. Not sure we'll do it then if the place I go to costs the same. Would be nice, but there are other things we'll need to spend that money on... like an infant carrier that fits in my car.