Thursday, July 24, 2014

Well that gave me some comfort

Paranoid still, I know, it gets tiring to read about, but that's what first trimester is, especially this early. Nothing but worry on top of more worry.

Anyway... I have some symptoms still. Like peeing all the time, boobs still hurt and fatigue (that I think is more just waking up early w/ Zoe).

But I just ate some breakfast (leftovers). Couldn't finish it all, so put up the rest. I take my prenatal and fish oil after I eat so I go to do that can barely get the pills down. That's not normal for me at all.
I gagged trying to swallow them. They did eventually go down, but even right now, thinking about it is making me gag and nauseous. UGH I hope I don't puke. I need to think of something else quick! lol

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