Tuesday, July 29, 2014

There's a baby!!! :D

SO flipping relieved and so happy right now.
Baby is measuring right on with when I ovulated at 6w4d, but since it's not more than 7 days from what my LMP says I should be at, they're still saying I'm 7w3d so my due date to them will be March 14th.
I'm still going to go by when I ovulated though since I'm sure baby will measure more closely to then instead of LMP.
Also got to see the new little heart just a pumping at 144bpm :)
So surreal.
She also looked and saw the nice gigantic corpus luteam cyst on my right ovary.
And see that black almost outline at the top of the sac in the photo? There's a little bit of blood there from when it implanted. She said I'll either reabsorb it or could spot some so don't freak out if I do.

So incredibly happy and just felt a weight come off. Oh I'm still going to be freaking out though lol.

Before the appointment was terrible. I was SO nervous that I was giving myself morning sickness. Thankfully just gagging but it was still bad.

My next appointment will be on Sept 8th I think (DH took the schedule sheet so he could get the time off to go to the u/s appointments). It's my 12w scan (I'll be 13w according to them though) and will be getting another u/s then to check everything out.

They also told me all of the regular stuff. I asked about the GD screening and they said I would be taking it when I normally would at 28? weeks. That kind of surprised me but oh well.
Had blood drawn for prenatal stuff. No idea WTH they test for though. I guess STDs and uhm..... *shrugs*


Shari said...

Congratulations!!!! Good hb for 6w4d!

I am surprised about the GD testing too! I had to do it at 8 weeks, but pushed it back until 13 weeks when morning sickness wasn't as bad. Then again at 28 weeks and again 6 weeks post partum.

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Thanks everyone :D

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