Monday, July 21, 2014

Paranoia strikes again

And this time it invaded my dreams.
I'm still freaking out over here. I haven't had any bleeding or cramps, but just the lack of symptoms yesterday (other than the fatigue) worried me.
And then the digi I took the other day that still read 2-3 on it worried me since women who are the same or earlier weeks than I am are getting 3+ on it.
Etc etc.... I'm just a huge worrywart that won't be able to calm down some until.. HOPEFULLY after my first appointment.
I know I know symptoms can come and go. It freaked me the F out with Zoe when it happened and it's doing the same now even though I experienced it before.

B/c I didn't want to use the FRER or digi, I took an OPK to help ease my worries some. It looks the same as it has been which I'm fine with and was glad to see.
Next Tuesday can't get here soon enough.

Oh and DH and I DTD last night and it felt very strange.
It wasn't painful, but there was this intense uncomfortable feeling. It was almost like my cervix was right at the vaginal opening and DH was ramming in to it full force lol. Sorry for the visual, just trying to explain the sensation. It was weird. We've been having regular sex and this is the first time it has felt different.

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