Saturday, February 25, 2012


Nice and clear out today thank goodness. Yesterday was so ugly.
We're not going to Babies R Us though. I decided that it's really not worth to go to right now since we'd only be looking and the side of town it's on w/ the traffic. It can wait until we're ready to start buying.
There is a place called Baby Warehouse though that's not that far that I wouldn't mind going to though heh. We may be on that side of town tomorrow, not sure if they're open then, but won't hurt to swing by just to see.

I was looking up Kawaii diaper reviews last night. The majority are really positive. There are a couple that don't like them, but I'm sure that would be the same for any diaper. I think in this case.. the cost plus the positive majority far outweigh any kind of negative comment on them heh.
I already know the next batch of diapers I'm going to get. They're the Pure & Natural. They're a little smaller so should be great for a newborn just in case the others are too large.
I'm still gonna buy some different brands (when they're on sale), but from how things are looking, I'm probably going to stick with the Kawaii brand.


My hooha or whatever is still feeling weird down there. I'll bring it up on Thursday. Maybe it's the start of a weird UTI... even though I don't have any other kind of symptom for it. But then again I've had a UTI before and had no symptoms of it then so.. yeah. Just hope it's nothing serious.

Nipples still itchy like crazy and now they're tender as well so can't really scratch.

Getting a lot of acne.... including the dreaded backne *cry* The back acne is terrible as far as I can tell and it's really irritating my back making me have constant back itches that I can't reach.
Acne on my face seems to be getting worse right now. Damnit... I want Mask of Pregnancy, not Mask of Pizza Face Puberty!

Gagging seems to have let up a considerable amount. It could just be temporary but I'll take it.
I actually ate a lot last night at dinner and had no nausea or need to gag after.

Hair doesn't seem to be falling out as much as before. It still falls out some, but no nearly as much. WOO! lol
I know that's only temporary, but anything to slow down the hair loss is awesome.

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