Monday, February 27, 2012

Kinda quick

This last week has gone by pretty quickly. Great great great! I can't wait for my appointment on Thursday! I know I'm probably not gonna get an u/s but I just wanna hear them pick up the heartbeat and tell me everything sounds great heh.

I hope every week is like this past one. Just go by quickly! Not that I'm not enjoying being pregnant and having the experience (when I'm not worrying)... I just want my baby!
I had a dream last night that apparently I was being induced or something, and was only 1 week away from having it. I was SO excited and SO freaked out at the same time hehe. It was such a great dream. So much better than m/c ones that I'm still having every once in a while.

I mentioned to DH last night that I can't wait to start feeling movement. He told me that his boss told him that it feels like someone is thumping you with a finger. I'm sure that's when baby is a little bit bigger. I think I read baby is only about 4inches right now. Still super tiny so I'm sure any sort of kicks and whatnot aren't very strong. PLUS I have a lot of fat in that area so that might be masking some of it as well *shrugs*

I hate sleeping on my sides :( My hips and knee on the side I was laying on would start to ache like crazy last night. Was terrible and it kept waking me up. Going to try falling asleep on the wedge. I don't think that's going to work though. Even though I like falling asleep on my back, I still wake on my sides and w/ the wedge under me, that's going to be uncomfortable.
Just have to hope my body eventually gets used to it which I'm sure it will.

Oh update on the cat. Can't remember if I did an update so my bad if I repeat something.
I had to take the soothing collar off of him. He's not used to wearing a collar and this one was irritating him. I didn't realize how much until I saw a bald red patch on his neck where he was constantly licking. So I took it off of him. Unfortunatly, that area is still bothering him b/c he's still licking it and it's gotten worse. We're probably going to have to buy a cone to put on his head.
Poor kitty.

As for the pooing and peeing. I've been spraying the 2 spots once a day w/ the Comfort zone spray. It seems to be working b/c no more incidents so far. Shit better work for frickin $31 for a tiny ass little bottle of it.

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LisaB/lisabttc said...

WOW 16 weeks!! I hope you start feeling lots more movement soon! Good luck at your next appt! I can't remember if you are team green or not. I think it's a girl :-)