Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An Orange!

Just noticed that I've graduated from being a lemon to an orange! WOO! hehe

Used doppler this morning to check for heartbeat. Yes, I'm still super paranoid so I'm using it more now that I've actually picked up the hb.
It took a little bit but I finally found the very quick heartbeat of the LO. I swear it sounded like it would've gone perfectly with the Bonanza theme song lol. Sounded just like a horse running and was the perfect beat for the song hehe.
Seemed LO was moving all around though. Having a good ole time in there.

DH and I are talking about all of this more now. I love it. It just makes this all a lot more real. It doesn't seem as surreal as before, but still really hasn't totally sunk in yet.
I'm positive that once we know the gender or when I start feeling def movement, this will all just hit home. I can't wait :)

Was looking at Babies R Us website yesterday. Just at the cribs. Didn't even bother looking at anything over $200 lol. They still had a lot of options though. I really like those 4 in 1 cribs that can be changed in to a toddler bed, day bed, & a full size bed.
BUT I'm not sure if one of those would be right for us.
If we're going to start trying again not too long after this LO is born, then would that kind of crib really be for the best? I dunno.... I'm sure we'd be fine if we went that way and it would save at least a little bit of money down the road.

I asked DH last night if we were just going to totally deck out the nursery w/ changing table, dresser etc. His response "Yeah, why wouldn't we?" I could've SQUEEd!!! lol
I'm really not one for shopping, but for some reason, buying baby stuff just makes me so excited! Guess it's just another confirmation that this is going to happen ya know? Or at least I hope it does. (boo doom & gloom)....


As for that lovely problem I described yesterday. The stretched feeling is gone, but the itching is still there. It's not as bad as it was thankfully.

Pregnancy is just so glamorous heh

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