Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oh pregnancy....

How embarassing you are! lol
Ok so... I'm gonna be honest and very blunt here, so yeah.. this is your only warning.

My asshole itches!!!
Pretty sure it's hemorrhoids. I don't feel anything swollen back there so must be inside? Dunno what else would be causing the itching.
It also has this feeling like I've taken a massive poo and it stretched me out a bit too much.
It doesn't hurt or anything, just has that feeling to it.
But yeah, the itching is terrible b/c come on.. who the hell wants to scratch their butthole :P
Thankfully it's not a constant thing or else I'd be in the bathroom trying to relieve it... and using up all of my handsoap to wash my hands :P rofl

My nipples are still flaky and itchy too. Thankfully the itching also isn't constant, but the flaking is. It's weird running a finger over them to scratch and feeling like you have sandpaper nipples :P
I really need to start lotioning them up on a more regular basis. It might not solve the itching problem, but it will help w/ the dryness.

Gagging is also acting up today. I had to spit out my B vitamin. It started to dissolve in my mouth before I could swallow and I started to gag on it. BLEH. I spit it all up on my chair and floor.
Ate something and feel a little better, but I can tell that my stomach isn't great right now though. May eat some toast.

Oh and as for eating. Yeah.. primal is just so far out the window right now. I do hope to get back to eating primal eventually, but right now, I am SO not worried about it. I do feel guilty sometimes b/c I know some of the things I'm eating aren't the best, but I just can't help it. My appetite has changed.

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