Thursday, February 23, 2012


One more week before my next appointment. I can't wait. I really wanna hear what the HB sounds like on their doppler.

I used my own 3 times today. I know I know, but I couldn't find it this morning and that got me worried.
I tried again about 30min later. Nothing at first and then I heard it really faint.
And then I just did it again and picked it up nice and clear.
Plus I just wanna hear if the HB sounds right to them. I have no idea so it will be good to hear if it sounds normal to a medical professional.

DH finally told the rest of his coworkers that we're expecting.
From what he tells me, they probably all knew already anyway.
He had told a few people and I guess they shared the news b/c he had someone congradulate him that he def didn't tell lol.
Oh well.... I hope they have some nice free stuff for us :P lol Hand-me-downs sounds good to me so long as it's free *nodnod*

Gonna ask DH if he wants to go to Babies R Us this weekend. It's in an EXTREMELY busy part of town. If you don't live or work over there, you avoid it at all costs. That's how terrible the traffic is in the area, and of course that's the only place w/ a Babies R Us.
So it's going to take some convincing to get him to go lol.
I think I really want a preg pillow. I thought I could go without one, but finding out that I can't lay on my back so soon... yeah... I need something.
My poor dog won't be able to sleep next to me any longer, but he has DH he can snuggle up to heh.

Plus I want to start looking at all of the furniture and getting an idea on what we want/need.

Bought some more cloth diapers yesterday.
I bought them from . A lot cheaper than bumGenius and some super cute patterns.
I bought 4 diapers. Total came out to about $34 and then the expensive ass shipping made it $47. BLEH. But that's still about the same as I paid for just TWO bumgenius diapers.
Hopefully these are just as good in quality b/c if so, I'll be buying a lot more from them.
Told DH that I was going to start buying more. I'll probably buy more every other week until we have a nice large stash :)

Oh and although I do really like prefolds, I think I'm just going to probably stick with the one size fits all type. Just seems easier to me.. not having to worry about buying the prefolds AND the covers AND the little strap clamp thingamajig to keep the diaper on etc etc.

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