Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I hate it when you wake up confused about something.
I woke up thinking it was Friday for some reason o_O
And when I fully woke up I just couldn't figure out WHY I had thought that. *shrugs*

DH slept out on the couch last night. His snoring has gotten worse and he knows it keeps me awake. I don't hold it against him b/c he can't help it.
Even though our couch is comfy, it still made me feel bad.
I have to admit though... I did sleep better. Not great, but better.
I'm still getting used to having to sleep on my sides. I get SO uncomfortable though having to stay on them. My arm and leg on the side I'm sleeping on starts to hurt, my back starts to hurt and just BLEH! Gotta do it though.

Had sex last night! WOO! It's been a while. Even though I have like almost no libido right now... it's still nice to do it. The sex was great, but afterwards... I started to get this weird sharpish ache in the uterus area. It lasted for a couple of minutes and then disappeared. Not sure what the hell that was.

Welp.... so much for the no shitting on the carpet. Woke up, let dogs out, turned around and BAM... HUGE pile of cat crap on the carpet. I dunno how the hell that cat can crap that much but whatever. I just yelled at him and picked it up. I'm just so over it.... if it remains just the poo... I can deal with it, but if he starts w/ the pee again, I will go on a rage.

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