Friday, February 17, 2012


I broke down and bought 2 today. I bought a Freetime all in one and a one-size stay-dry.
I watched a video on the freetime one and it looked really nice. Not too difficult to use and just looked really promising to have and the one-size looks nice too. No video on it, but I liked the review I had read.

They're frackin expensive though. I bought these brand new, but going to def look around for some used ones to get it cheaper once I start buying more.
I know this is going to save us A LOT of money in the end, but damn, we're gonna have to spend a lot to begin with.

Baby stuff is so dang expensive!

DH mentioned to me that there's a concert in May that he really wants to go to. It's more like an all day rock festival which sounds really amazing.
At my next appointment, going to ask if it's safe to go to it.
I've read plenty of women say they were told it was fine, but I need to make sure that loud music isn't going to cause any harm to baby's hearing. I'm sure they're probably going to basically just shrug lol.
It would be great to go though. Korn is going to be there and I REALLY want to see them.
PLUS it could be part of our babymoon :D

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LisaB/lisabttc said...

Yikes, that stuff does get expensive. It's good you are starting now, so you'll be prepared & spread it out over time.

The concert sounds so fun! I think that'll be great. I bet they will say it's ok. :)