Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nursery sign

Just wanted to post really quick what I have so far. It really didn't take me long to actually draw it on... took me a while to just do it lol.
Just SO lazy right now and MiL came over for a little bit to pick up something so that delayed things.

Anyway... this is on the small portion of wall right when you walk in to the room.
The sign will say something like Ziggy's or Zoe's Room.

This is one reason why I decided to just paint on the wall instead of doing the sticker stuff again. The house is settling apparently and it caused what I put up to seperate from eachother a bit.
See all the white lines? Those weren't there before. So I'll be finishing it the same way as the sign. Just painting it straight on the wall.

It's gonna be easier and harder. Less forgiving to mistakes, but easier w/ no cutting of the sticker crap and all of that.

DH wants to color the walls that I'm not doing in Weezer Blue album blue and Weezer Green album green. SIGH.... if you couldn't guess, he's a big Weezer fan :P lol
The green actually isn't that bad. It's a really nice lightish lime green color, but the blue is VERY bold. He wants to do stripes which I don't think will look bad so long as the blue stripes are a lot smaller than the green :P

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