Friday, February 24, 2012

Storms and diapers

The weather here is just so screwed up.
It's a miracle that not everyone is running around sick b/c of it.
One day it's cold like it should be, the next it's mid-70's and gorgeous out. Well today, it's about 70 again and thunderstorming outside!!! A Thunderstorm in winter! WTH?

Oh well... I do love that refreshing feeling in the air. But the thunder I could do without. Our old dog is terrified of it and starts pacing and panting and gets on your last nerve. Oh it's sad for other people, but after having to deal with it for about 13y... yeah.. it's just annoying now lol.

I got my bumGenius diapers yesterday! YAY!
They're heavier than I thought they'd be. They're not super heavy or anything like that. Like I said, just heavier than I thought.
They're pretty cool though. Actually seeing them in person, I really like them.

Here's the pocket diaper. It came w/ 2 inserts. Smaller one is newborn and I guess the other is regular? *shrugs*
Just showing the snaps all opened up
The inserts. The larger one also has snaps to adjust the size which is really cool.
And showing where you actually put the inserts. The opening is in the back of the diaper.

Here's the free time. The absorbant pads are actually attached to the diaper.

I can't wait to get the other ones in the mail! They're so cute w/ the adorable prints.

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