Thursday, May 31, 2012

Holy moly!

Woke up at around 4:30 this morning for no reason.
All of a sudden, sharp shooting pain down below b/c apparently this little girl was putting pressure on my cervix. Holy hell that hurt!! Lasted for maybe hmm... 1-2seconds but that was enough. YOUCH.

Last night she was moving like crazy. Wish I had the camera b/c I would've recorded it.
I was hiding out in the bedroom watching tv and started to feel some pretty big kicks. So lifted up my shirt to get a better look and boy.. I thought my stomach was lopsided before... last night was CRAZY lopsided lol. She was kinda in the middle but more to the left and all up front. This HUGE bulge right where she decided to hang out. It was so cool being able to see it so clearly. I'm sure if I was skinnier, I may have been able to actually tell what part of her body I was looking at heh.
Anywho, she was moving around, kicking, and I'm fairly certain got the hiccups at one point.
I'll never get tired of experiencing that.

Forgot to mention.... tried making pudding w/ the almond milk.
It does not work. Not sure why, but it never sets and gets that pudding consistancy. The taste is fine though *shrugs* Oh well. I'll just hve to continue using milk.

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