Monday, May 28, 2012

Lazy lazy day

DH is off playing paintball with coworkers and I'm at home... doing nada. MUAHAHAHA
Well, I'm getting ready to go paint some more, but other than that, nothing.

Hope all of you US ladies are taking advantage of some Memorial Day sale today. Tempted to go to Target when DH gets home (he took my car), just to see if they have any baby clothes on sale. But probably won't since we've been spending a lot lately.

DH has been trying to fix up our back and front yard and man... that stuff takes A LOT of money to do. He's mostly done though so yeah... thankfully no more money going in to that for a while.
Front yard still needs some work, but backyard is done I think.

I dunno WTH I ate yesterday but something did not agree with me at all and wanted OUT. Thankfully only wanted out one way, but still... that was not fun.
Not sure what it was either b/c DH ate the same stuff and he felt fine *shrugs*

I think b/c of that, not much got to LO b/c she hasn't been moving a lot. Probably helped that I was painting a lot last night and hunched over so not a lot of room for her to move around in there.
Worries me still, probably even more now.
I'll have to eat something good for her *nodnod*

OOOOO we're finally getting cucumbers! YAY! They were lagging a bit at first b/c the weather was so screwed up for a while, but my cucumber plants are growing like crazy right now. Bunch of small cucumbers that should be ready in a few days. Will probably have one ready tomorrow! So excited!
A fresh right off the plant cucumber is SO good. The giant flavorless things you get at the store do not even compare.

I highly recommend everyone try to grow some if you have even a little bit of room. They do grow quite a lot, but you can get a trellis or just something that the plant can grow vertical on, so you really don't need that much room.
They're super easy to grow and yield quite a lot.

We have zucchini planted as well, but damn squish bugs have gotten to the plants and totally destroyed them.

Also have a few tomato and some pepper plants. Can't remember which kind I got.. poblano maybe?

Love having a garden even if it does make me feel like a hobbit hehe.

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