Saturday, May 19, 2012

Poke ya in the butt!

First up... photos of the loot from yesterday.
The cute little star wars toys

And the outfit.... I was debating on it at first
But then I flipped it over and saw the ruffle butt
Tempted to see if DH wants to go to the Target near his work just so I can see what they have on clearance there lol.
See if I can score any other cute outfits :D

Last night was good w/ after dinner sugar. We went to a steak house. I had myself a nice big ribeye (we don't go often so I splurged), some green beans which were meh, a salad, and I had 1 roll.
Those rolls just looked too good to pass up. I'd usually have at least 2-3 along with a loaded sweet potato or steak fries, but yeah... can't do that now.. probably. Don't want to risk it at least.
But sugars were only 96 after so WOO! :D
Not difficult at all to do this. Just gotta figure out what's going to work for you. *nodnod*

Guess I should actually eat some breakfast now while I'm home and thinking about it.

Before dinner, DH and I were watching netflix on the couch. I started poking my stomach and baby girl was all over on my right side. It's so neat b/c my left side was super soft and squishy, and the right was really hard where she was resting.
We started poking what I can only assume was her butt lol. Just wanted to see if it really was her and yep. She'd kinda squirm a little and turn slightly. Gosh, it was so neat and DH said the sweetest thing
"I can't wait until she's here." Dawwwww, but really not as sweet as you think.... he can't wait so he can torture her :P
Ok that sounds bad lol... not in an abusive way or anything like that. He just enjoys I guess.. annoying? babies lol. He did it with my youngest neice and is doing it with his sister's child as well.
Once they get to a certain age, he LOVES feeding them certain foods just to see the reaction on their face. Like lemons for instance.
It's just his lack of being around babies I guess... he starts giggling like crazy at the cute faces they make when he does these things. He's such a kid heh.

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lisabttc said...

Aww cute stuff! Yay!!
And that is sooo funny and adorable about DH! LOL!