Thursday, May 24, 2012

Public Speaking

Not for myself.... I hate being the center of attention.
DH last night gave a presentation at a church. A coworker asked him to do it and he did such a great job too :D So proud of him.
I actually got to wear that new maternity dress I bought too! heh
It's great for showing off the bump standing up, but hid it sitting down.. wth? lol

Met the coworker for the first time. She was really nice, just one of those outspoken personalities. And she went straight for the belly and rubbed away lol.
It actually wasn't that weird. Probably b/c I knew at least DH knew her. Now I'd probably freak if a total stranger did that :P

Sugar this morning was kinda high at 92. *shrugs* It's under the limit but only just so.

Erm.... OH... had 3 people give me pity yesterday too.
The nurse chick that came by for the insurance stuff. She asked when I was due, and said her first born was born in August as well and she sympathized b/c of the heat.
And then 2 other people at the church thing did the same lol
Yeah, they don't need to tell me that... I'm already sweating buckets if I go out now, and it's not even close to being as hot as it's going to get.
Why my sweaty butt is staying indoors as much as possible!


socialite_baby said...

I'm not big on public speaking either, I get all nervous and sweaty. Glad your hubby did well! Never thought about being pregnant in the summer - yikes! We don't have much of a summer here, we don't even have air conditioning in about 98% of the houses/businesses here! It was still snowing last week actually!

LisaL said...

Oh, the thought of snow makes me wish we had some lol.
I was already hot natured before, and now, it's just amped up. Any temp over 80 now and I'm sweating.