Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nice weekend

At least I hope it's going to be.

We're gonna be paying a little more off on the crib today. YAY! :D SO happy about that. I need to get my butt in to gear though and get the nursery painting thing done before we get it.
Worked on it all last night when we got home from dinner. My back was killing me but I got a lot of R2D2 done. Still have a lot more though so need to start on that again soon.

I had a really complex dream last night.
Dreamt that there was a group of kids that were all trying to solve these different puzzles that a teacher created for them.
You would think it being my dream and all that I'd be awesome at it... NOPE. In the dream, I had to get help from the other people in my dream... well.. I guess they're me too, but I just thought that was kinda strange heh.
They weren't easy puzzles and clues to solve either. Why can't I be that creative IRL o_O

Had Mexican for dinner last night. I did pretty well I think. Had a yummy shrimp quesadilla w/ guac salad & shared some refried beans with DH. I would usually tear up the free chips and salsa they give, but I only had 2 of them.
Sugar was 112 so.. I did pretty good.

I did get dizzy again after dinner though. It wasn't as bad and didn't last for nearly as long. Wonder WTH is going on there? Maybe I'm not eating enough for lunch or maybe I need to snack a bit more. I dunno.

Fasting numbers are still high. Wonder if they're going to have me take something for it. *shrugs* We'll see on Wed I guess.

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lisabttc said...

I hope you have a good, productive weekend! Don't work too hard, momma :-)
Dreams are so strange sometimes! I'm having some odd ones now - hormones.

Sounds like you are doing well with the diet! It would be really hard. All you can do is give it your best. I hope you adjust more soon! Good luck!