Friday, May 25, 2012

I dunno.... stuff

This post is just gonna be a bunch of random things. Nothing much since nothing is going on heh.
Just waiting for the frickin Kawaii website to restock so I can buy more diapers already.
Can't even get the ones I really want because they NEVER get them in when they say. Pissing me off, but whatever.

It's so neat being able to tell where Zoe is now in there. Was reading yesterday and my bump would go slightly lopsided b/c she kept wanting to rest on the right side. Then she'd go towards the middle, back to the right, etc.
I wish I could tell what part of her I'm seeing/feeling though. I'm fairly certain it's probably her bottom but difficult to be certain.

She hasn't really been kicking a lot. It's more just general movements, like what I just explained. Her moving her whole body or whatnot. I still feel a lot of that gurgly/bubbling feeling down low still. Always makes me wonder what she's doing in there to create that sensation. Almost like she's doing raspberries in there heh.

Totally offtopic.... So You Think You Can Dance premiered last night! YAY! I LOOOOOOOVE that show so much. I dunno why b/c I can't dance at all. I just love it though and am so excited that it's back on!

OOOO I'm so glad that my sugar wasn't high after dinner last night.
I fixed frank & beans and well.. beans + the sugary sauce they're in... yeah, I was afraid my sugar was going to be through the roof.
PLUS I had about a cup of popcorn. I wanted more but knew I shouldn't....
I got dizzy right after eating too which was weird. It wasn't bad, just an off center feeling. Lasted for about an hour and a half.
Anyway... sugar was fine though at 112. I thought the dizziness might've been caused by the food, but don't think it would've affected me that quickly. Maybe the LO was just sitting on a blood vessel or something *shrugs*

Gotta finish R2D2 today. I've only finished the top part the dome shaped part. THAT was the easy bit... the body is going to be a PAIN. The bottom portion is white... the white I have does not cover well and tends to clump up and just looks like a mess. So, I'm going to have to basically use a grey first and then go over it with the white and hope that it helps to cover it a bit better and doesn't make it look so.. meh.

I still have C3PO left to do... and he's all yellow, or well, gold whatever.
And the yellow paint SUCKS BALLS. I dunno wth I'm going to do there.

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