Monday, May 21, 2012

Same old

Same old here.
Well, for the most part.
I think I've lost some weight already watching my carb intake. Not surprising I guess. I can just tell a difference in my bump size. It doesn't look as big to me any longer. Could just be my imagination.

Sugars yesterday were good. Hope they don't get on to me about not eating breakfast though. Just feel like I wake up too late to eat it, and I'm usually not hungry, so IMO no point in eating it. I have when I was hungry before, but yeah, just don't want to force myself to eat just so I can take my BS 2hrs later. Ya know?

Dinner last night was pretty tasty. Had some fresh sauted green beans, and grilled chicken. Kinda got the recipe from America's Test Kitchen. Don't think it's on their website any longer though.
You take a whole chicken, cut out the spine, and split the chicken in half. I make sure the leg joint is popped so no nasty blood pockets are there after you cook.
Brine the chicken. Last night I did, 2/3 cup soy sauce, 1c beef broth, about 3-4 tablespoons of salt, and 1-2c of water. Brined the chicken halves in a ziplock for about 2 hours.
Not sure if DH grills them on direct low heat (charcoal) or if he does indirect.
Anywho, remove chicken from the brine. Add freshly ground pepper, paprika, little bit of cayenne, garlic powder.
Grill skin side down for 40m. Flip the birds meat/bone side down, cook for another 15-20mins or until breast meat reaches 165.
Now see, I don't trust that temp, specially when there's still dark meat attached to it.
Even still, we followed the directions and our chickens overcooked a bit to a temp of 200 lol. BUT, b/c of the brining, it wasn't dry at all and damn tasty.

A bit off topic... not that that has ever stopped me before lol.

DH and I watched this documentary last night and boy.... it really pisses you off!
The Future of Food.
It's on netflix instant watch if you have it.
I HIGHLY recommend watching it b/c it will def make you think and get angry.

Also, Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead is another we watched. It was actually really good. I've had it on our queue for a while, but never wanted to watch it b/c it was about juicing which I think is ridiculous to do for an extended amount of time.
BUT nonetheless, it was a good watch and seemed to benefit the people in it who tried it.

Back on the baby front....
DH and I both are kinda hoping I'll be induced.
Me b/c it would be nice to have a set date and well, him too since he would know exactly when to take off.

Boy that's a big change from what I was saying before lol. Before, I didn't want to be induced, just wanted everything to happen naturally, blahblahblah....
Now... I don't really care how LO comes in to this world, just so long as she and I are healthy and happy in the end *nodnod*

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