Tuesday, May 22, 2012


MAN, time has slowed back down damnit! lol

Anyway, 28w today, woot woot!
You know the drill... bump photo first
I dunno... I look smaller maybe? Not a great photo so difficult to tell I guess.
I'm sure it will start ballooning out soon though.

Early this morning was the first time a kick/movement has woken me up.
Woke up w/ a start actually b/c in my sleep mind I thought a child had just punched me in my lower ab.
Woke up thinking it was just a dream until lil Zoe kicked or punched or whtever she was doing in there again and it felt lighter but the same.
So yep... that was kinda strange heh.

Sugar this morning is up a little at 93. That's still below the cut off though. Not really surprised since my sugar after dinner last night was a bit much.
At least now I know how my body reacts to potatoes. I don't really eat potatoes that much anyway so won't be difficult to extremely limit or just give them up.

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Shari said...

Looking great! Time goes so slow in the 3rd trimester, but it will pick up when you hit 36-38 weeks. That is when you will want it to slow down....lol

I was a lot like you not wanting an induction but the farther a long I got the more I wanted an end date. Although pitocin sucks, it was a God send to know when it was going to happen.