Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Grrr, stupid body!

Well, if I didn't know I was insulin resistant or had GD before, I do now.
I haven't eaten anything since about 8:30-9 last night and my fasting number this morning is 104!! Pretty much nothing I can do about that too.

I go back in next Wed for an appointment. Gotta bring along my chart that I've been keeping and I guess they'll tell me then if I'm going to have to start taking anything.
Thankfully the OB last time said that it would be a pill first, and then if that doesn't do anything, then it's insulin shots.
So... yeah... I mean other than the fasting and the few hiccups I've had w/ food... I think the GD is being managed by diet.

Pretty sure why eggs have the effect they do on me... I'm allergic to them.
DUnno why I never googled it before, but that is the #1 reason that comes up for why eggs cause diarrhea.
They never bothered me before when I was younger, but for some reason, I guess my body wants to freak out whenever I eat some.
I don't swell up or start itching or anything, it's just the diarrhea, OR sometimes just gas, or actually nothing at all I guess if I eat enough of something else to dillute the eggs. Grrrr, dumb body!!!
I love eggs :(

Is it weird that I want to get back to losing weight again?
It's not that I want to diet... but I enjoyed getting on the scale and seeing that my efforts, no matter how small caused the number to go down.
PLUS, now that I actually have some proof that the weight was causing some of my infertile problems... I'm excited to lose even more weight in hopes that when we start TTC again that it won't be a problem and will happen quickly.


Shari said...

Sorry to hear about the fasting numbers! Eggs are my favorite too but at least you don't swell or itch after having them.

I felt the same way during my pg. It was hard seeing the number go up when I had spent the last year seeing it go down. Bf'ing will really help the weight come off. Unfortunately when bf'ing didn't pan out for me I had stopped watching what I was eating. Now I am up 20 lbs. from when I was 6 weeks postpartum. . Ughhh! I am back to losing weight but it is so much harder with a baby. :) They have a 6th sense when you want to cook/eat something and that is when they have a

LisaL said...

Lol, awwww, well you managed to lose the weight before so I know you'll do it again :D May take a little longer b/c of the little one but slow and steady is good too :D