Saturday, May 26, 2012

A change

Just noticed a change in my bump today. The upper portion is starting to take over and starting to get a lot larger. Or well, maybe not A LOT...

Noticed only b/c my fleshy fatty fanny pack is a lot looser and flabbier than it has been. Before, I guess my uterus was causing it to tighten up a little bit, but now... it's back to being flabby again. I can still feel my uterus behind it, but it's def not as noticeable.

Hmmm.. hope I don't get some weird baby bump with a gross huge tumor looking flabby sack of fat hanging off the bottom of it. BLEH.

1 comment:

lisabttc said...

Hmm, oh no...I hope it doesn't change! Maybe it was her position or something? I think your bump has been looking super cute!! :-)