Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I love my preggo belly!!!

I just felt the need to post this.
I guess having a giant belly is a shock to skinny chicks who were never fat before.

But man... it is totally liberating for myself.
Constantly worried if my fat gut is showing, trying to hide it under baggy loose shirts.... it gets tiring.

And now... I don't hide my baby bump for anything and display it proudly under my shirts *nodnod*
I'm not going to show off bare skin or anything lol, but having it poking out... I love it.
Even though I do hate the uncomfortable aches that comes w/ walking or standing for very long... I do like actually walking w/ the bump if that makes any sense. Even w/ the discomforts, I enjoy having to waddle, and standing a certain way to get comfy etc b/c of the bump. And I just love looking down and seeing it.

Sure it would be nice to have the classic round bump instead of the double thing that's going on, but take what you get, ya know?

I see so many comments from women complaining that they feel like a cow, and I get it... I feel huge too, but in a positive way now.
I'm just totally enjoying being this big and not having to worry about hiding any fat or worrying about it! WOOT!

I hope all of that made sense. Obviously I have no writing skills :P

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Kellie Rose said...

I TOTALLY get it! For the first time in a LONG time, I just happily let it all hang out and I'm proud!! I've always been so uncomfortable and trying to wear things that cover EVERYthing up and trying to suck my stomach in all the time. Having a preggo belly is my favorite part so far!!!!