Wednesday, May 23, 2012

GD causing high blood pressure?

The nurse or whoever she was just left. Took my blood pressure 3 times and they were AWESOME! WTH?
Was the undiagnosed/ untreated (no change in diet) causing my BP to be higher?

Or maybe b/c we were just in my own home and she was really nice so I felt relaxed? I dunno but happy that my blood pressure wasn't through the roof! WOO!

I have noticed that I'm not getting that pounding BP feeling after I eat any longer. So heck... who knows. Maybe the diet change is helping it. We'll see when I go in next Wed what it is in the doc office.

Also, LOVED her scale lol...
I weighed myself before taking a shower and it was 208. That's still down from what it was before.
Her scale.. 204! Awesome... rofl.

Anywho, about to eat finally, YAY!. Just waiting for it to cool down a bit more. OOO I'm gonna tear it up!


Sugar after lunch is 113.
I fixed myself some dumpling soup and added a few more dumplings b/c I was hungry. So yeah, 113 isn't surprising, BUT it's still under the 120 limit so YAY! :D
Bout to go eat a peach now for a snack. Mmmmmm peach........ *drools*

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