Sunday, May 20, 2012


That was an interesting start to the morning heh.
Woke up and rolled on to my back b/c I could feel her punching/kicking.
And man..... she's getting big b/c it was VERY obvious that she was laying on the right side lol. My bump was lopsided and you could see it even back out and go lopsided again as she moved. So weird and awesome. I'll try to get a photo or video of it one of these days.

Sugar after dinner last night was... meh... high. It was just over the limit at 126.
Surprised me when I saw the number, but not surprising after thinking about what I had eaten.
I had about 2/3c of rice, which I had had before w/ no problem, BUT I had some Korean BBQ which has A LOT of sugar in it. I'm sure that, along w/ the rice brought my level up to what it was. So yeah, def have to adjust if we ever have that again.
126 still isn't all that bad since 120 is the limit, but still...

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Anonymous said...

haha, that's so weird and cool! I'd love to see it :-)
Aw sorry about your sugar :-( It would be hard to stay perfect all the time. That's still pretty good though! Hang in there!