Friday, June 1, 2012

Uncomfy? Uhm... yeah

Well, when women tell ya that the end of pregnancy is uncomfortable, they are not joking.
I'm not even at the end and I'm already uncomfortable about 70% of the time.

I keep getting woken at night by the LO putting pressure on my cervix. That shit HURTS.
And going to bed... it takes FOREVER to get comfortable. For about 20-30mins... it feels like my bump won't settle, like it's just in a bad position or something, it's weird. After the 20-30 though it's fine and I can roll and whatnot all I want.

If LO gets in to certain positions in there, it's uncomfortable to even stand, and yeah, sometimes sit as well.
It was ok this morning b/c it felt like she was up high, but she's slowly gone back down again and it's causing some aching down below.

Eating is a PITA again b/c I guess from everything being pushed up, eating anything and having it sit in my stomach pushes in to my lungs making it feel like I can't take in a deep breath.

Thankfully I haven't felt any rib kicks yet though so there's at least that hehe.

I can't wait to do this all over again though. I don't care if the next pregnancy is worse, if I have morning sickness, swelling, aversions galore, headaches, whatever.... I can not wait to do this again b/c it's just so worth it.

Even with all of the aches and pains... I'm still enjoying this. Every time I feel her move... it makes me happy and I know she's gonna be here soon and it's going to change our lives.

This whole experience is still surreal and I'm sure it won't sink in for quite a while after she's born too heh.

OOOO I was bad this morning. Went and bought some Burger King. Yeah, my sugar was a little high from that bleh.

Last night was a surprise though. Had some Korean BBQ along w/ rice, cucumber kimchi and a whole mess of watermelon after.
If you've never had Korean BBQ, it's pretty sweet (and delicious), so I was expecting my sugar to be WAY up there b/c of that w/ the rice and the watermelon, but NOPE! It was only 104! YAY!
I think I just need to stay away from bread in general. I think that more than anything is what my body just can not handle right now.

Sucks b/c we're supposed to be going to Fazoli's(sp?) tonight for family dinner. BLEH! Yeah lemme see the menu, pasta, pasta, subs, pasta, more pasta oh and breadsticks..... SIGH

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Anonymous said...

Ugh, that sucks :-( I know, I've heard it can be really rough! Even though I would do anything to experience pregnancy, I know those uncomfy times would be very difficult. You have always seemed very grateful and appreciative of what you have, so that's good :-) You're a trooper! Keep hanging in there!
Yay for good blood sugar!!