Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where have I heard this before...

I AM going to work on the nursery today! lol
Just getting ready to fix an early lunch, and then after, I'm going to work on it *nodnod*
Was thinking about it last night when trying to get back to sleep and yeah... I dunno how much I'll actually get done, but damnit, I'm gonna do something!!

Not sure if the humidifier worked. Seemed like it did a little.
Going to turn it on about an hour or so before bedtime tonight and see if that helps more.
I did wake up with a dry mouth a couple of times, but not nearly as bad as it was before.

Zoe is getting so strong! Twice now, I've actually jumped when she kicked me.
Both times, I needed to use the bathroom, but for whatever reason, I was holding it... probably waiting for a commercial or just being lazy lol.
Well both of those times, she gave me a swift strong (not painful) kick right in to my bladder and it made me jump.
When I told DH why I jumped, he just laughed at me and said not to pee on the couch :P lol

She likes kicking me in my butt too. THAT is a very strange sensation. I dunno if it's just my intestines or something she's kicking but I dunno.. it's just a very weird feeling heh.

Ok I was wrong.... I do have 1 more appointment in 4 weeks. Then after that.... I have 3 appointments every 2 weeks, and then the last month is every week. O_O
Looking at ti that way makes it seem like such a short amount of time.. and well, I guess it is!
Is this ever going to sink in really before LO is born? I have my doubts about that hehe

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lisabttc said...

haha! That's so neat about her kicking so strong! Wow!
Good luck with the nursery!!