Friday, April 20, 2012

So bad, but so delicious!

You know how grocery stores have their fresh baked cookies. Well... if you don't know, Bi-Lo has these chocolate cookies called Brownie cookies.
They are the yummiest softest most chocolaty round disks EVER!!!
I've been craving some chocolate for a couple of days, and today... I just had to get some.
Man... never let loose a hungry pregnant women in a grocery store.
I woke up this morning, took a shower, and went straight to the store after and bought 2 containers of the cookies :P
Got home, fixed myself some lunch and then proceeded to inhale 4 of the cookies. HEAVEN! lol
OMG so good.... had a nose-gasm just smelling them.

Weighed 207 this morning, and expect to be up to a good 215 by the end of the weekend :P hehe

It's still weird actually being pregnant. You would think by now that I'd be used to it, and I guess I am. But last night, I was laying in bed trying to get to sleep and thought about it really good and I dunno... it kinda weirded me out.
I am pregnant, and we are going to be parents in a few months. It's such an overwhelming kind of surreal feeling to sit down and actually think about.

Cut out Miss Piggy and Kermit. Going to do a Beaker C3PO and just a regular R2D2. Need to paint the space scene first. I didn't want to do HUGE figures... wanted to make it a bit more of a realistic size, and yeah... muppets are teeny tiny lol
About the size of a 3yo and yeah, that doesn't take up much room at all. So yeah, the space scene is gonna have to be a lot better than I had wanted to do it rofl. I wanted to take the lazy way out and have the figures kind of taking up the view a bit, but that's not gonna happen now.
Oh well.

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