Saturday, April 21, 2012

Welp... that's done

So went to Macys today. They had SO many cute things for sale on their website, I just had to go to the actual store to see what they had.
Good lord.. their stuff is SO frickin expensive but SO damn cute.
I know where to go if I ever want to splurge on an adorable dress though.

We did end up buying a few things, but not much b/c even on sale it was still expensive lol.

This set. Came with 2 onesies and a pair of pants w/ a giant butterfly on the butt heh

DH actually picked out this onesie. It's so cute, and I know MiL will like it b/c she loves ladybugs

And this is one I HAD to have heh. It's a 2 piece (the shirt pictured and a little pair of undie looking things) and just frackin adorable! I love the non-pink girly outfits so much

Also..... we picked out the crib today!!
They finally had the one that we were waiting to see in person and we made our decision and it's not what I thought it was going to be.
We picked the one that we were waiting to look at.
The cribs we were debating on both had things we liked and didn't love. Nothing that we hated. But this one just seemed to fit what we were looking for the best.
It's the Baby Dreams Sugar crib

The photo doesn't really do it justice, if you can find a different one where it's in cherry then you'll probably see the details a bit better.
We don't actually have it yet. We put it on layaway. It's SO F-ing expensive. We bought the toddler rail and the full bed rail for it too which were just as frickin expensive.
Zoe or anyone else better not do anything to it b/c she's sleeping on this thing until she moves out of the house... seriously :P lol
It's really nice though and I'm happy that we're getting it... eventually :P hehe

The Baby Dreams Enchanted crib was the other crib we were debating on and the one I thought we were going to end up with.
We both REALLY like the legs on it b/c they're nice, solid and thick so no problems with them lasting Zoe for however long she's gonna live with us.
BUT in white... the backboard is SO plain and we really weren't too fond of the bottom design. Even though it's curved, it still looked plain and just meh.. not right. Details in all the wrong spots, ya know?

Anyway..... our baby girl isn't even here yet and she's already our spoiled little princess hehe

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