Monday, April 23, 2012


Trying to put off working on the nursery painting lol. I won't put it off for long b/c it does need to get done.
I just tend to do this when it's intimidating me a bit and not coming along as I hoped.
I'll get in to a groove though and get it done... hopefully soon.

DH's uncle had a birthday part on Saturday. Not the bitchy uncle that's pissed at the world, but the 'rich' one.
We were only planning on staying for a little while, but they had free alcohol :P lol
We weren't really big drinkers before, but think DH really needed it to unwind some.
I of course sat back and had myself a couple of sodas as I got eaten up my mosquitos.
By 11pm I couldn't take it anymore though. I was achy as hell and tired and wanted to go home. Since he had been drinking I had to drive home and I hate driving at night so that was another reason why I wanted to leave.
Anyway, blahblahblah... it wasn't that bad for most of the night.

DH's friend's wife had a baby on Friday. It's their first.
DH is really happy for them and told me that them having their baby makes him more excited for our own.
I mentioned to him that all of this still seems very surreal to me and he agreed. He said for his friend, it didn't really sink in until just a few weeks ago when his wife got checked and was 2cm dilated lol.
I think it will be the same for DH too... hell, for ME.
It's just such a HUGE intimidating change, ya know?

Bought another onesie from Walmart yesterday.
We went there to look for a humidifier (which they only had 2 different kinds... sigh)... and DH asked if I wanted to look at the baby stuff.
I honestly hadn't even thought about it but PFFT of course now that he brought it up I want to! lol
Looked through the clearance rack and found this cute piece
The pink tag on it says Daddy's Cutie :)

We also bought some adorably small hangers. GAH I swear, even the most mundane things are adorable when it's baby related! lol

Anywho, no humidifier yet though. We went grocery shopping after that, I was achy and didn't want to go anywhere else so yeah... going to wait until Wed after my appointment to go look for something.

I've been ok so far at night. Mouth and throat are still getting dry, but not as bad as before. I think my nose is clearing up a little bit thankfully so I can sorta breath through my nose every once in a while.

Anywho, feeling pretty good. LO has been quiet this morning. She was kicking pretty good last night and the day before.

I was laying on my side on the bed trying to cool off. DH came in and laid with me, put his heavy head on my stomach and got kicked by her a couple of times hehe
He loves feeling her move.

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