Sunday, April 29, 2012


Boy, I can barely function today. Def think Zoe is having a growth spurt and it's doing a number on my body.
I'm ok sitting down, but if I have to get up and move around for more than 10mins, I am aching like crazy.
It almost feels like when you're a bit dehydrated and you're walking or running. You get that bad cramp/stitch in your side.... it's not quite like that, but about the closest I can think of to how it feels.
It goes away within seconds of me sitting down thank goodness.

It's all good though. Whatever my body has to go through to make sure she's ok. It's not exactly my fav part right now, but it's worth it heh :)

I still get worried when she doesn't move as much. Mentioned that before, but even this far along, that still worries me as I'm sure it does every woman, or well, probably mostly first timers I would guess.
Thankfully she's been moving some though every once in a while which is reassuring that she's still in there heh.

And yeah, that's about it. If I'm feeling up to it, going to try to get more done on the nursery.
If all goes well... I'm hoping to have the space scene completed so I can actually start painting the figures.


lisabttc said...

That sucks about the aches and pains! She must be getting bigger. I bet you'll start feeling her all the time, before too long :-) That seems like a pretty common worry from what I hear.
Good luck with the nursery stuff! :-)

lisabttc said...

Oh yeah, I gave you an award on my blog :-D