Friday, April 27, 2012

Hmm... I hope...

... I don't come off as ungrateful sometimes.
A whole mess of drama on a forum I go to made me think about it and I really hope that when I complain, I don't come off as someone that's ungrateful to be pregnant and have a pretty uncomplicated pregnancy so far.
Hmm... I don't think I do? But I know to some still struggling, it's not exactly fun reading about a pregnant woman complaining about something you'd give everything in the world for.

On a lighter topic.....
DH has narrowed down his picks for a middle name.
He added Teagan(sp?) to the list last night but quickly took it off b/c he said it sounded pretentious *shrugs* I don't think so but whatever lol.

So the 3 he's debating on are


So yeah, we'll see what he picks. I'm leaving it up to him b/c I like all 3 of them and will be totally fine with any of them.

Also, he said that if we end up having a boy whenever, he'd like to give him the family middle name Franklin. It's his middle name and FiL's, not sure who elses.
Also totally fine with that too and I just absolutely love that he's thinking about these things.
I dunno why he ever thought he was going to be anything but an excellent father.

Saw my mom today. She's having to jump through hoop after hoop b/c of her new marriage. She married a Korean guy a couple years ago, but it didn't work out. He ended up getting cancer and went back to Korea for treatment and just stayed there. So they got divorced and unfortunatly he eventually died.
She was introduced to another Korean guy and married him, so now b/c it really wasn't that much time between the 2 marriages, immigration is all up in her ass about it. So frickin annoying. I swear.
I mean damn.. is it really THAT big of a deal.. someone foriegn coming to live over here? It's such a pain in the ass what she's having to go through... seriously I can sympathize with illegal immigrants.

Anyway... she told me to have a boy next... as if I have ANY control over it lol.
She also wants us to have AT LEAST 3 children rofl. I would actually love to have 3 so was fine with her saying that... what caught me offguard was the "at least" part heh.
Yeah, I hope the next LOs come easily. I really don't want to have to do fertility treatments ever again. I am SO thankful there are fertility treatments out there, but just for the money spent on doing them alone... yeah... no thank you.


socialite_baby said...

I've personally never seen you "complain" in the way that fertile women do. Pregnancy isn't supposed to be a cake walk, it's going to come with unpleasant moments, you're entitled to vent your frustrations and worries! It's never once crossed my mind that you're ungrateful, I know you've given your all to get that little girl!

I love Teagan! It's one that is still uncommonly used, but beautiful and could work at any age. I also like Olivia, but if you're wanting to stay away from 5 other classmates in 1st grade that are also named Olivia you might reconsider, its popularity seems to be increasing!

lisabttc said...

I think you've been great! There's always going to be some complaining. Pregnancy is very difficult! I haven't seen anything you wrote that was offensive or that seemed ungrateful.
I love the middle names for baby girl :-) Can't wait to hear what you guys decide!

LisaL said...

Thanks ladies for reassuring that I haven't been a huge biotch lol ;)

Yeah Olivia is REALLY popular. It's just for the middle name though so not too worried about it being popular unless Zoe wants to go by it which is fine if that's what she ends up wanting.

DH still hasn't picked or narrowed it down even more yet though so.. we'll see :)