Monday, April 30, 2012

Sounds.... painful!

So yeah, not sure why I haven't looked it up before, but I really, REALLY need to start looking in to HOW to take care of a baby.
I've never really been around a newborn much before and... yeah... I'm very ill equiped when it comes to the know-hows.

Just started looking up information on breastfeeding. Specifically on the things no one ever tells you about.
I just thought it was funny and it does bring up things I hadn't even thought of

Such s baby fingernails cutting up your boobies. OUCH. I've played with my little baby neice and yeah, the girl has some sharp little claws on those hands. I can't imagine what that would feel like on already tender breasts.

DH said he signed us up for a breastfeeding class. I think his friend may have taken it and recommended it to him.

OH and while I'm thinking of classes... that LONG 8hr one... apparently they show about 8 different birth videos in the class.
I hope DH is up for that. Not exactly how I want to spend a day, but if it helps then so be it.... SIGH... hehe ;)


Shari said...

DH and I took an 8 hour birth class and left after 3 hours. Total waste of time. Dh made me sign us up and then wished he had listened to me.

The breastfeeding class is a great one to go to! The one I went to was all women except for one husband. If your husband gets embarrassed easily, it may be best to just go yourself.

Here is a few things that I didn't know.....

- Since you are having a girl, she will actually bleed slightly as just flushes out all the hormones. I didn't know this and was freaked out to find blood in her diaper.

- If you have a vaginal birth, you will be sore as hell for awhile. DO NOT over do it or it will hinder the healing process.

- Your tolerance will be extremely low for wanting people around. I am a lot like you when it comes to people and after giving birth I didn't want anyone around (except DH). Don't be afraid to speak up or give your DH signs when its time for people to leave. Well meaning grandparents WILL overstay their welcome.

- As soon as you think you have your baby figured out, she will throw a curve ball at you. I am pretty sure that won't change One day she may love to be swaddled, the next time she might not.......its ALL trial and error :)

You will be a pro in now time and it definitely comes naturally. :)

LisaL said...

Thanks for the tips Shari :D
I had no idea about the bleeding! Boy, I know if I saw that I would FREAK OUT.
I have a feeling the 8hr class DH signed us up for will probably be just like the one you went to. A big waste of time other than the walk through the ward.

Anonymous said...

NIPPLE-LASH (nipple whiplash) my son does that all the time and it hurts like hell. And the biting lol. I still would not not breast feed but there are a lot of things people don't tell you. 3 months in though and 98% of the time it's amazing. I can agree with what Shari said above about wel meaning grandparents. I had my son in my home town and stayed with my mom which I loved but my husbands parents drove me up the wall. They made me feel guilty for not spending more time at their house blah blah. Kick people out and enjoy your time with your daughter and husband and dont feel bad.
When we have our next baby I'm seriously considering having him/her where i live now and not allowing visitors for the first couple of weeks

LisaL said...

Oh I know DH's parents are going to be a pain in the ass to get rid of. I'll have to come up with a way to get DH to get them to leave lol.
I don't think I'll have that problem with my mom. She doesn't really feel comfy in my house b/c of the pets so usually never stays long. That could all change adding a grandchild to the mix though.

But yeah, I see DH's parents being the biggest pains in the butt to get rid of at first.

Shari said...

Your welcome :)

Breastfeeding is horrible for the first six weeks. You will feel as though you are confind to the house and it will never get any easier. After that point it becomes easier. Especially since you know you will be a SAHM. I freaked out about going back to work and gave up on breastfeeding.

Also, if for whatever reason breastfeeding isn't something you want to continue do not be hard on yourself. I had a lot of guilt for giving it up, but it was such a relief and my time with my daughter was so much better. We tend to be really hard on ourselves for things that we can't control, so just remember a happy momma means a happy baby :)