Sunday, April 29, 2012

Awkward p2

So... my dad, brother, SiL and my 2 neices came over.
Boy... talk about awkward.

First, my brother has a serious attitude problem but tries to cover it up with the "no nothing is wrong" approach. Awkward moment #1 that my SiL was getting pissed off at him for.

#2... as soon as my dad saw me.. here comes the hand outstretched to touch my stomach. UGH.
Like I said, I do love my dad, but we just do not have a close relationship any longer so it was pretty much like a stranger coming up and rubbing my stomach. Thankfully he didn't linger or anything but still...

#3 My neices were hyper b/c their granddad was there, they were out and about etc. Well b/c of that they weren't listening to momma and BOY was she pissed off about that too.  Whole lot of yelling.
My neices just do not listen to her at all, especially the older one, and my brother does not help matters. He just sits back and lets her be a single parent to both most of the time. I know that's why SiL has such a short temper with them b/c she's so damn frustrated overall.
That's not a great excuse especially when she's yelling at them for even the smallest of things though.

#4... we went out to eat, this is where my brother's attitude problem comes in. We get to a wings place b/c he was all excited looking at the menu for it, so thought that he would want it. NOPE, he didn't order anything. Said he wasn't hungry, but then proceeded to eat the entire basket of complimentary wing chips (potato chips basically). So that made it all awkward when everyone else ordered and he didn't.

#5.... came back to spend some more time at my house... only to sit around the living room like lumps on a log barely talking with eachother. Awesome :\

I know that all doesn't sound like a huge deal, and it really isn't... I just hate those kinds of moments and had to vent about it.

Paid more on the crib! And we still have a lot more to go! SHEESH. Thank goodness we didn't get the UBER expensive one... not that this one is frickin cheap. My body still hurts thinking about how much we're spending on it lol.
Anyway, if DH pays the same on it every time (every 2 weeks) then we should have it in a month :D

Zoe wasn't as active yesterday.
She was a couple hours after dinner. We went to IHoP. I had my usual chicken fried steak and eggs. Oh man those pancakes were heaven. Before pregnancy, I couldn't finish it and usually shared the pancakes with DH, I tore them up last night!! lol
I think she really liked those pancakes though b/c she was moving around like crazy a couple hours after! I mean just squirming, kicking, punching whatever she was doing in there. Just having a good ole time on her sugar rush lol.
She quieted back down after though and really hasn't moved much since.
She'll usually get a bit active in the middle of the night, but I barely felt her. Maybe a quick flicker and that was it.

Maybe another growth spurt.

And finally.... hmmm.. few pics I need to take. Still need to take one of the glider/ottoman, and need to get one of the 2 car seats. Is that it? I'm sure I'm forgetting something. I'll probably post them on Tuesday when I post up my weekly bump pic.

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