Thursday, April 19, 2012

Humidity is my friend

Seems that worked pretty well. NOt 100% but still better than what I've tried before.
My mouth did dry up some, but it never got to that painful point and didn't dry up as quick b/c of the humidity.

So yeah, probably go out this weekend to buy a humidifier for the bedroom. Just happy to find at least a small solution.

Going to start working on the rest of the wall today. Was going to do a sticker thing for the space scene, but think I'm just gonna paint it directly on to the wall. Have an idea for how it's going to look which will probably end up just looking strange lol. It's on black though so if I mess up it will be easy to go back over and cover up heh.

I sketched out at least 2 figures. Everyone thinks I should also include R2D2. I may if there's room for it.

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