Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stuff and junk

Zoe has been making it up for being quiet yesterday (which still freaks me out sometimes).
She's been moving around mostly on the right side almost all day so far. She had a quiet moment but seems to be picking back up again.
It's still a very strange sensation when her movements causes my clothes to shift. If you've ever had a bug under your shirt moving around, that's what it reminds me of lol.

Just figured out an old HS friend is now friends with one of DH's cousins.

We had a falling out years and years ago. She was posing nekkid and didn't warn me about it before I went to her website. Seeing friends naked is just not for me :P lol
I mentioned it, NOT in a judgemental way, at least I didn't mean it that way and BOY she got super offended by what I said and cut off all ties with me.
Oh well...
I've seen her at a few of DH's uncle's family functions before and always wondered if it was her, but maybe figured it was just someone that looked like her lol.

I dunno, just thought it was strange how paths can cross again like that and how small this world is.
I'm positive she recognizes me, but meh.... she has her life now and I have mine.

Once again, nothing done today lol. The galaxy painting part that I'm trying to build myself up to do is just SO frickin intimidating :(
I don't want to start it b/c I KNOW it's not going to look how I want and I'm gonna get frustrated and BLEH! But not starting on it is making me anxious and frustrated too.
Vicious circle!!! SIGH!

Screw it, I'll go do something to it now. *nodnodnod* Yeah....... right............ now...............

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lisabttc said...

I'm glad you're feeling baby girl moving around more! That must be scary when the movement comes and goes!
How weird that you came back into contact with someone from your past! It IS a small world. Ewww and lol about her posing naked! That would be quite awkward for me LOL!
Good luck with the galaxy! I bet you'll do great :-D