Monday, April 30, 2012


Just woke up so we'll see if I'm still aching today. Zoe was squirming around quite a bit late last night so we'll see if I still have aching.

As for the weird part.... woke up this morning and she was all on the left side. I didn't actually look, but I'm sure if I did, my bump would've looked lopsided heh.
I did feel her though. Right side was squishy... left side had a nice BIG hard bump right where she was hanging out.
It's so cool and weird at the same time heh.

Was thinking last night when trying to get back to sleep.
It is VERY hard for me to believe that a woman would not know she's pregnant. I can see if she's not showing.... but there is no mistaking it when the baby kicks and moves. Even if you have an anterior placenta... it's not covering up every single spot so you would still feel something somewhere.
Those women must be in just a huge state of denial... that's like the only way someone would not know.. IMO of course heh. *shrugs*

Forgot to mention that DH cleaned the carpet yesterday! OOO big deal I know heh.
We bought one of those steamvac carpet cleaners about 2 months ago and he finally got to using it last night.
It's not a miracle worker, but that thing works damn well. Some old pet stains... ok we all know what those are, poo, pee and vomit, are totally gone which is a miracle b/c they were a gross reminder before.
It couldn't completely get the high traffic areas looking spotless again but it looks SO much better than it did.
You never realize just how dirty something is until you see a pristine spot that was hidden under furniture lol.

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