Friday, April 27, 2012


I hate saying no to family... it just makes you feel bad and awkward.

My dad called late last night, first saying that he was coming up tomorrow (today) and if he could stay here.
Uhm..... hmmm...
Now I do love my dad, but our relationship is complicated and not on the best of terms for a  lot of reasons.
I wanted to tell him No last night, but I told him to just call today and I'd give an answer.
Was totally set on telling him no, but thankfully, I think he realized that I was going to and called to say that he was going to stay in a motel.
It still makes me feel bad that I was going to tell him no though.
Oh well....

DH is paintballing this weekend. I'm so glad when he gets to go b/c I know he enjoys it so much.
I've been tempted to go before getting preg, but after seeing the welts he gets from getting his... yeah.. I think I'll pass lol. It sounds and looks fun, but getting hit with one of those things is not appealing at all.

Next weekend is the concert! WOOOOO! MAN I hope it's not hot though. It's all outdoors and on a racetrack I think so there probably won't be any shade. BLEH! Thankfully they offer free water so at least there's that.
Can't bring any kind of folding chair, but we can bring blankets. My ass is gonna be planted on the ground for most of it I think heh. Not even going to try to get anywhere near the stage, especially when the big groups come out. We're allowed to bring binoculars as well. We bought a cheap pair and will probably have to use them if we want to see more than a speck on the horizon lol.

Still no call from the doc's office. Not really surprised but still annoyed by it. Maybe they'll call later today. Who the hell knows. I just wanna know if I have to stop chowing down on ice cream or not damnit! lol

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Shari said...

Usually no call back means good news :)