Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1hr done

No idea what the results are for the 1hr glucose test, but that appointment is done and I have the rest of my appointments scheduled now too.
Frickin crazy lol.
I have one more in 4 weeks... then it's every 2 weeks, then I think every week the last 2? weeks.

It's weird to think that we're already at this point!

Anywho... they also took blood to test my thyroid and to check my iron level.

I had a dizzy spell last night and this morning. Not sure what is causing it. It's not bad, more of just an off lightheaded feeling, but still worrying.
Mentioned it to the OB I saw today (who was so nice), and she just said it could be a lot of different things. It could be b/c of blood sugar, or baby putting pressure on arteries, or erm.. other stuff.. *shrugs*

No idea when I'm getting results back. I just hope everything is ok. The orange drink wasn't that bad. Like a too sweet koolade. At least it was cold :P heh

My BP is a bit higher which also has me worried but they didn't say anything about it. Surprised actually that it was higher b/c I felt fine. I can usually feel when it's up a bit but not this time I guess.

Erm what else... my belly is measuring 25w so pretty much right on schedule which surprised me lol
OB also listened for the HB and picked it up on the left side.

That was pretty much it for the appointment. FX for good results!

We did a bunch of other things today too. Bought 2 car seats. One is infant and the other is erm... bigger. lol whatever it's called.. I dunno my brain is tired right now.
So YAY for getting that taken care of :D

We also went to a few other places and just got back home at around 1pm. So yeah, LONG morning so far. I just want to relax and sleep.

OH bought my humidifier finally! YAY! heh
It's a cute elephant one. Figured we might use it for the baby some times, so get a cutesy one :)


Anonymous said...

Which car seats did you go with?

LisaL said...

They're just regular old ones. One is an infant carrier, and the other is a convertable? Not sure on brand if there even is one.
One says Costco on it so I guess their own brand?
They're def nothing fancy & no bells and whistles.
I'll get a photo of them and post them soon :)