Tuesday, April 24, 2012

24 weeks!

Well this last week went by quickly thankf goodness.
I'm so read to be in 3rd tri. Just want that reassurance that if, god forbid, something were to go wrong, baby would have a much better chance of surviving outside of me, ya know? That's my main reason for wanting these weeks to fly by quickly!

Anywho.... here is my 24w belly shot compared to... hmmm... lets go with 20w


Zoe was pretty quiet yesterday morning. Had me worried for a while, but think she was hunkered down b/c it was cold. Once I warmed up a bit around dinner time, she started moving a lot more.

Sleep last night started off so well. We closed all the windows and turned the heater on b/c it got down to 30's. So the house air got really dry.
I could actually breath through my nose while laying down which is a frickin miracle lol, but my mouth was still ending up dry o_O Not sure how that happened, but it was pretty annoying.
Whenever I drank something, it would do what it usually does, ccause my nose to rehydrate I guess so it would stuff up again. SIGH.
Should be buying a humidifier tomorrow though so hoping it helps.

Seems everyone had baby fever at DH's work. He just got invited to a baby shower on Friday. Geeze, talk about short notice.
It's a doctor he plays paintball with. Of course he's registered at the most expensive place where they overcharge for everything *eyeroll*.
I mean I'm registered at Target, not exactly cheap cheap, but it's cheaper than Buy Buy Baby.
Like one of those bumbo? chairs.... I have one on my registry for I think $35. They have the exact same one on theirs for $45!! Frickin crazy.
Oh well... we'll be taking a trip to that store tomorrow to get something for them.

I did absolutely nothing yesterday when it came to the nursery. SIGH... only have myself to blame.
It's gonna get done... eventually :P


unaffected said...

You look great!!!

lisabttc said...

Yay for 24 weeks!!
You look awesome! I can see even more of a difference now!