Thursday, June 14, 2012

Father's Day

I just got back from Target.
I HAD to get DH something for Father's day since well, this is his first (I guess not technically yet, but we're counting it heh).
He said he didn't want anything, but I know he was secretly hoping to get something.

SO yep, off to Target I went. I didn't get him anything special, just 3 t-shirts that I hope he likes.

And of course while there I had to look at the clearance baby stuff lol.
I bought this cute onesie/shirt/diaper cover combo that says "Daddy Loves me" on it. Dawwww, Gosh I love those so much!
Also bought a 3m jacket since it should be getting cooler by the time she's that old, and also another cute harajuku mini onesie 6m.

I can't wait to give him his t-shirts :)

Appointment isn't until 4 this afternoon, but leaving at 2 to get seen earlier.. and beat any kind of terrible traffic on the way home. I hope everything is ok.

Going to ask about going back on metformin ASAP after LO is born, and maybe about being induced as well.

I'm def going to speak up when getting the u/s as well to get that profile shot of her face! Hopefully Zoe cooperates unlike last time when she had her face buried :P

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